Repair Your Leaking Roof

Get professional roof repair services in Merced, CA

You may love the gentle pitter-patter of rain outside - until you hear it inside, too. If your roof is leaking, repair it ASAP to avoid serious issues in your building like water damage or mold. Call Smith's Hybrid Handyman.

We provide residential and commercial leaky roof repair services, including 24/7 emergency repair services, in Merced, CA. Our team with more than 17 years of experience also provides roof repairs to solve other problems, like dry rot and missing shingles. Call 209-678-4886 today for a free estimate on leaky roof repairs.

What else can we do for you?

If you have a tile roof, we can clean the valleys of your roof. We can also replace part of any type of roof, repair dry rot, application repair, and more. Consult a contractor right away to find out more about roof repair, replacement or cleaning.